VK3UM Dual 70 and 23cm Feed

This article appeared first in DUBUS 2/2006 and provides full constructional detail including photos of the dual feed system. For many years the interaction and feed methods to illuminate dishes has always been a matter of conjecture. The 70cm feed (dual polarity switching) is revisited in this article and provides the lowest practical loss system of this type. Tips and construction methods as well as set up procedures are covered in the paper.

Down load VK3UMweb.pdf (2670kb) This includes black and white photos .

Down load separate higher resolution colour photos as per article

Photo 1.jpg (249kb) Photo 2.jpg (227kb) Photo 3.jpg (213kb)

Photo 4.jpg (339kb) Photo 5.jpg (242kb) Photo 6.jpg (520kb)

Photo 7.jpg (142kb) Photo 8.jpg (35kb) Photo 9.jpg (92kb)


As mentioned in the article a RF Bridge was constructed and used in the alignment of the 70cm feed system. The circuit and description is provided in  RFBridgeSchematic.jpg (386kb) with additional constructional photos of the unit RFBridge1.jpg (129kb) and RFBridge2.jpg. (176kb)




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