Wavefile that consists of a CW transmission, 59 characters of plain text, repeated once.

S/N is -17dB.

It was sent to me by DJ5HG and I had no clue what so ever what the text was,

but I managed to to decode it 100% by ear. Klaus wanted to see if a moonbouncer

really can copy unknown CW in the noise.


WY6G Single yagi Moounbounce from Hawaii

Take a listen to the signals from Al, K2UYH expedition to Hawaii

where he was using a single yagi pointing at the moon! (wav.files)

WY6G recording 1

WY6G recording 2

WY6G recording 3

These recording were made on June 16 2007, at 2000UTC.

More interesting soundfiles!

The OK1DFC/OK3RM EME Expedition


4O/OK1DFC on 432 MHz, recorded on June 4, 2008.


And then Z3/OK1DFC on 1296 MHz, recorded on June 7, 2008.

Z3/OK1DFC recording 1

Z3/OK1DFC recording 2

Z3/OK1DFC recording 3

Z3/OK1DFC recording 4

Meteorscatter on 432 MHz !!

Recordings from my QSO with DK3WG on 12 August 2008.




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